Recovery: Elijah Project

The Elijah Project is a good starter for those completely new to recovery, as well as those who have been in recovery for years, but who would like to take a fresh look at recovery from a Christian perspective.

The Project works with social issues, mental issues, and gives solid Christian guidance on dealing with life.

The Elijah Project is a free ongoing Christian course, helping those with addictions as well as other issues.  You don’t have to have addictions to attend the Elijah Project, because the project is based on the individual’s needs.  This course runs with other fellowships.  This course is born out of the Christian belief that everyone can be set free through Jesus Christ.

Unlike other courses, you can join the Elijah Project at any time.  Your first week there is your first week.  The topics are cyclical, and will repeat every 4 weeks.  If at any time you don’t understand a particular topic, you just repeat that topic until you get it within your soul.

You do not have to have any faith in God or Jesus Christ, and you will be respected where you are in your faith levels.  About one third of the people that come to the course express no faith whatsoever, and they don’t seem to find the Christian element a problem.

Each week the principles are supported by verses from the bible and through them, each client begins to see how highly God sees them and how he wants the best for each one of them.

Current courses provided are listed on our calendar of events; please refer to this to find out when our next course is being offered in your area.


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