You can download the Referral Form for the Addiction Recovery in the Community if you feel someone is in need of the day programme.  Please download and fill out both pages or the person’s referral will not go through in a timely manner.

The Elijah Project Training Manual is now in print!  You can get your copy by contacting us, and we can discuss pricing and shipping.  There is also training available to your organisation so you can effectively deliver this brilliant programme!  You can download the PowerPoint presentations associated with the programme to help you add a visual aid to the teaching.  Admit your Sins – Get Rid Toxic Thoughts – The Branches Who is on the Throne – DNA

Please visit our Photo Gallery to see recent graduations, and other related images of the Elijah Project, Addiction Rehab in the Community and Recovered 4 Life.

You can fill out the Brief Symptoms Inventory if requested by a member of staff.  Your results will be returned to you as soon as possible.  Or click the red link to the right of these pictures.

Please have a look at the Mat designs that are being provided by Recovered 4 Life.  These mats are a great use in group settings to initially establish how a client is feeling right away.  There are instructions that can be downloaded to understand the use of the mats.

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