Recovery & Mentor Training

How Can We Help?

Recovered 4 Life has a training plan for befrienders and mentors.

A befriender is a person who will come along side of the vulnerable adults and be there to listen and be a friend.  There are limited restrictions on what you can do as a befriender, so your time is what is most precious to people.

A mentor is a person who will hold the vulnerable adult accountable, and has a lot more responsibility than the befriender.  A mentor will check on the client’s progress, as well as challenge different behaviours.  All of this will be taught in the training, so you know which direction to take when encountering a vulnerable adult.

We can also give guidance on how to handle vulnerable children, but we suggest seeking professional help on these matters as soon as possible.

The training can be done in 1 day, and can be scheduled for as many people as needed.  If your organisation or religious institution would like this training, please feel free to fill out the form below.

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