Victory Highway Recovery Centre

Living-Recovery programme

We are running this programme for people with an addictive lifestyle who have reached the point in their journey where they are ready to commit to rebuilding their lives.


  • Build a brand new facility in the basement of the Victory Centre in Portswood
  • This will house and equip people suffering with addictions with the Addiction Rehab in the Community (Recovery Programme)
  • This will work along side the Recovered4Life programme which includes the Elijah Project, and the Addiction Rehab Recovery Programme



Identifying the Need

We have run a soup run into the City of Southampton for 27 years and run a drop-in day centre for 13 years.  Through getting to know the homeless, lonely and marginalised people who used our services we have identified that a high proportion of them have addiction issues and/or mental health problems, some will have become homeless through their addiction, relationship break down or loss of a job.  Provision of Mental Health services within the city has been severely reduced in recent years so the need for support is even greater.

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