Mentor Program

Mentors3What is a mentor?

A mentor is a person who you can lean on, who understands the addiction you’re going through and has found a solution to their own problem.

In our Recovered4Life course, mentor and mentored meet as equals.  Essentially the process of  mentorship is this:  An addict who has made some progress in the Ellijah Project share that experience on a continuous, individual basis with another addict who is attempting to attain or maintain abstinence through their walk with God.

When we first begin to attend meetings we may feel confused, sick, and apprehensive.  Although people at meetings respond to our questions willingly that alone isn’t enough.  Many other questions occur to us between meetings.  We find that we need constant, close support as we begin learning how to live a clean life.  So we select another member with whom we feel comfortable, someone with whom we can talk freely and confidentially that we can ask that person to be our mentor.

Whether you are a newcomer who is hesitant about ‘bothering’ anyone, or a member who has been around for some time trying to go it alone, mentorship is yours for the asking.  People in the Elijah Project want to share what they have learned with other people.
We know from experience that our own success is greatly strengthened when we give it away.

How does mentorship help the newcomer?
It assures the newcomer that there is at least one person who understands the situation fully and cares – one person to turn to without embarrassment when doubts, questions, temptations, and problems arise.

What should a guest expect from a mentor?
A mentor does not provide any services such as those offered by a social worker, a doctor, a nurse, or a qualified counsellor.  A mentor is simply a person who helps the newcomer solve one problem: how to stay ‘clean’.

Do you want to be a mentor?
There is no superior class or caste of mentors in the Elijah Project.  Any member can help the newcomer learn to cope with life without resorting to an addiction in any form. It just helps if you have prior experience so that you can relate to the issues at hand.

What does a mentor do?
A mentor does everything possible within the limits of personal experience and knowledge to help the newcomer get clean and sober and stay clean throughout the Elijah Programme.

  • Living by example to show guests how to stay ‘clean’.
  • Encourage and help newcomer to attend meetings.
  • Suggests keeping an open mind about the Recovery Course especially if the new guest isn’t sure at the first whether the spiritual component of the course is really that importuning.
  • Mentor never takes the newcomers Moral Inventor in Steps 4 and 5 except when asked.
  • Mentors introduce newcomers to other guests of the Recovery Course and invite them along to any other Anonymous Fellowships they themselves attend.
  • Sees that the new guest is aware of any helpful books that are available.
  • Is available to the guest when they have special problems.
  • Is prepared to go over the meaning of the stages and emphasizes their importance.
  • Never tries to impose personal views on the guest.
  • A good mentor does not pretend to know all the answers and does not keep up pretence of being right all the time.
  • Mentors will not hesitate to help the newcomer obtain professional help, such as medical, legal, or vocational.

Most guests owe their abstinence to the fact that someone else took a special interest in them and was willing to share a great gift with them.

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