ARC: Addiction Rehab in the Community


The Addiction Rehab in the Community (ARC) is a 5 day a week programme for those that qualify.  This will run for a full year upon acceptance into the programme.  For more information please ring the Recovery Manager, Dawn on 07736167600.




  • Equip people to live a new life
  • Enable people with addictions to be set free from addictive lifestyles, gain employment, and be restored to their families.

The programme is:

  • Structured and is in three phases
  • Phase 1: Getting Clean and Settling Down, Phase 2: Renewing Your Mind, Phase 3: Finding Your Purpose
  • Happens daily, five days per week
  • Involves recovery and therapeutic intervention
  • Works along side the Elijah Project that runs every Tuesday evening

Benefits of a day recovery programme:

  • Daily life issues can be confronted and worked through as they arise in a safe environment
  • Cost-effective
  • It’s possible to work with the service-user’s family and enable them to build a strong, effective local support network which is essential for sustained recovery

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