Counselling2Dawn VanSice (MSFTR ESW) is a qualified counsellor and has a diploma in Person Centred Counselling.  Dawn was granted a Mind Millennium award for the work she did in the community to remove the stigma of mental health and ran support groups for those suffering with Panic Attacks.  She is a qualified Emotion Support Worker and was the principle in setting up an Emotion Support Centre on the Isle of Wight.

Dawn ran group sessions, as well as individual counselling sessions for those suffering with many different mental and emotional issues.  These ranged from Psychosis, Multiple Personalities, Schizophrenia, Depression, Anxiety, and many other disorders of the mind.

MSFTRDawn has been qualified and worked in this field for over 13 years, and has helped many realise their true potential through talk therapy.

Counselling can now be done face to face, but if you can’t make it to our Portswood location we have the ability to counsel over Skype or phone.

If you want to start counselling or have further questions please feel free to visit our Contact Us page and fill in the form there.

Dawn now has the ability to include her faith in her work as a counsellor.  Dawn is a very active member of her church, and leads the Ladies Recovery Course that is held on Wednesday night at The Victory Centre in Portswood.

If you suffer with any addictions, such as Alcohol, Drug, Pornography, Gambling, or any other addictions and don’t feel able to go to the recovery course you could always start with some counselling sessions to build up your confidence to start the Recovery Course.

Counselling is offered free to those on the Recovery Course, but have to be recommended by one of the leaders and have at least reached step 4. Counselling within the church is given free to those that have been recommended by the pastors of the Victory Gospel Church, other wise the fees are as follows.


Assessments will last approximately one and a half hours, all other individual sessions will last typically one hour.  Group work will be approximately one and a half hours.  Couple counselling sessions will last approximately one hour and fifteen minutes.

You can also email Dawn to set up counselling or find out more about counselling for yourself.

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