MinistriesThe Victory Centre is the apex of a well rounded recovery programme, called the Elijah Project.

No programme goes amiss without a solid prayer team.  Our prayer team prays for everyone’s specific need, in multiple churches around the UK.  We also have a dedicated team that prays during the Elijah Project meeting times to ensure God’s presence in the room.  If you want your prayers answered please feel free to put in a prayer request.

We have pastoral support every Friday from 10AM until 2PM for those in need of a little more Christian Support and counsel.

The Elijah Project is held on Wednesday nights for those suffering with addictions of any sort.  Addictions can range from Alcohol, drugs, pornography, phones, even other people.  You will feel so different when you realise what addictions you have hidden.

As a support for everyone there is a counselling team willing to help and assist anyone with their mental and emotional needs.  All addictions stem from an underlying problem, and we believe that God can cure all issues from the past.

It is undeniable that for every good success story you need a mentor beside you to help you see that no matter what you’ve gone through someone else has been there before you and can show you a way out.  Just knowing you are not alone always helps, and our mentors are there to help support you through those tough times.  You will receive a mentor if you want one on your first visit if you require one.


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