International Substance Abuse & Addiction Coalition (ISAAC)

We are an international network of Christians, responding to the escalating problem of substance misuse and addiction. Members of the network can be individuals or organisations.

ISAAC members work in Rehabilitation centres, Street agencies, Drop-in centres, Church-based ministries, Counselling services and Prevention programmes. They work with people addicted to substances (like drugs and alcohol) but also behavioural addictions such as eating disorders or codependency.

While ISAAC International is registered as a charity, we do not follow a traditional organisational structure. When someone signs-up to be an ISAAC member, they are signing up to join an international family. Just as families members do, ISAAC members can expect to be helped and supported just as they are expected to help and support other members.

The leaders of the network are pioneers in the field and come from different backgrounds and expertise. They help members do three things: CONNECT, ENCOURAGE and EQUIP one another. Small regional groups, conferences, regular mailings, social media and personal contact are just some ways that this happens.




Teen Challenge

Teen Challenge is one of the world’s leading drug rehab centres with a very high success rate for helping people become free from drugs and alcohol

Teen Challenge London is a 18-month, faith-based, residential drug rehabilitation programme located in East London which offers men aged 18-40 freedom from drug and alcohol addiction. Based on Christian principles the programme offers spiritual and academic training, equipping individuals to return to society as responsible adults. A ladies rehab centre is available in Wales.

See Hope House in our directory of UK rehab centres.

Phone:  01269 842 718



Victory Gospel Church

Victory Gospel Church is a vibrant church filled with great praise and worship, dynamic preaching and a heart to bring hope, help and healing. We are an international church, of about 400 people from approximately 50 different nations of the world.

Our worship is passionate our preaching powerful and our prayer effective. The team is lead by Pastor Andrew White and the pastors who serve with him. They have a love for people, a wealth of experience and have been anointed and gifted by God to transform lives with the power of God.

We believe with God all things are possible. We preach full salvation and believe God wants to heal you everywhere you hurt, set you free everywhere you are bound and provide all your needs.

We believe you have awesome potential in God and it’s our desire to see you fulfil your calling in life.

At Victory we are more than a church we are your best friends.

You will be loved, welcomed and cared for at Victory Gospel Church, we look forward to meeting you, and saying to you… Welcome Home!

Phone:  02380 551 300



Yeldall Manor

Yeldall Manor provides residential rehabilitation for men with drug and/or alcohol addictions.

Yeldall Manor is a Christian charity providing comprehensive residential rehabilitation, including detoxification, to men aged between 18 and 65, with long-term drug and/or alcohol dependencies. Yeldall Manor offers a two stage programme of residential rehabilitation, which provides the framework to enable men to overcome their substance misuse issues and learn to live new fulfilling lives, free of drugs and alcohol.

Click here to see an online DVD about Yeldall Manor.

Phone: 01189 404 411


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