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RFL red1The Elijah Project is provided free of charge and is a 12 session Christian course, based on solid Christian teaching from the Bible.  Recovered4life.org has published this teaching, and it is practical teaching followed by realistic application.  You will have Biblical teaching, an activity, and coursework to complete the rest of the week.

A typical evening starts at 7 PM with a 15 to 20 minute talk and a focused activity, then a discussion in single sex small groups for around 30 minutes.  The evening ends at around 9 PM.

Each week has a different topic, and there are four topics per Stage.  There are three stages to complete, and each stage repeats the 4 topics until you get the topics within your being completely.  If you don’t understand, or feel you understand a particular topic you then just repeat that stage until you get it.  If you go on holiday, or miss a week that is fine!  You just pick up the week you missed and progress on.

You are never pressurized to become a Christian, but the course leaders do not hide the fact they are Christian, and this is also a Christian course.  Each stage of the course gets a little deeper into your Christian walk with God, and also becomes increasingly more difficult to stretch your thinking.

The Elijah Project is good for beginners to Christianity, as well as those very seasoned in their Christian walk with God.

Below is the story of Jim & Dawn VanSice.  This is the reason we do what we do, and why we created the Elijah Project under God’s inspired Holy Spirit as inspiration for the topics, wording, and compilation of the Project in it’s current form.

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